Hiking through the ruins of Love

This tour is dedicated love, wars, dramatic stories, religions and nature.

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    The tour starts from Gjirokastra to go towards Antigone by our car. On our way to Antigone you will pass Arshi Lengo,a village that is created in 1954.You will be amazed by breathtaking views of this place, then we pass through Asim Zeneli village. It is located in front of Cajupi mountain.It is known for its importance that had during the communist regime because here the head of communist system, Enver Hoxha, decided to create the first cooperative in Albania.

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    The archeological park of Antigone

    After Asim Zeneli village we will stop in Krine village to fill our bottles with water in the center of the village where you can find a source. For five minutes we will be in Antigone to leave our car and to start our hiking tour. Antigone, the ancient city with a dramatic story. Built by Love and destroyed by Hate. To explore all the ruins of Antigone will take us about 2 hours.

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    Saraqinisht village

    Then we continue our hiking tour towards Saraqinisht village and to visit one of the most historic monasteries which is the monastery of Spile. In the area of the monastery are left only two churches that we will visit: The church of Saint Mary and the church of Saint Kolli. Inside of the St. Maria church even why is not in good condition, still you can see some frescos, paintings and the place of altar. The other one is set up inside of a cave,30 meters high. According to the legend this cave was used as the place of sacrifice for Eremite.

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    Dhoksat village

    After visiting these places, we will walk about 2 hours and then to finish the tour in Dhoksat village, enjoying the delicious traditional food of area. Then, the car is waiting for us to come back again in the town.

What should take with you:

  • Walking sneakers;
  • Sportswear;
  • Empty water container;
  • Sunscreen cream, sunglasses and hats;


  • The transport;
  • Professional driver;
  • Tourist Guide;


  • Private insurance;
  • Any airport arrival/departure tax plane ticket;
  • Everything that is not mentioned on the description;


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