Region of Kurvelesh

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Meet the village of Nivica… The symbol village of Kurvelesh is now being reborn by the visitors because of his beauties and amazing landscapes that offers.

The road passes the gorge of Benca and will keep your eyes embedded by the canyons and the craggy peaks of mountains around.
Village of Nivica lies in a plateau aprox. 1000m above the sea level.
here you will understand how one of the most intelligent areas of Albania are now trying to turn mountain tourism into a way of living.
And they have all the opportunities the rich history, the massive heroes, the amazing mountain rivers, the medicinal and curative plants, the most delicious meat of the country, some of the deepest canyons and waterfalls in Balkans and most of all the nature and the miracles she did on this place.

Program (All Day)

We are very happy to present you with our program and to drive you through this adventure

  • 1

    Starting from “Sheshi I Cercizit” 09:00am

    We will continue our journey towards the city of Tepelena and we will make a turn to Benca village. Here we will have the cahance to visit the 200 years old aqueduct of Ali Pasha. We will make a stop 25-30 min to learn more about its history and for some picture and we will continue our journey towards the gorge of Benca.

  • 2

    At ``Three Pillars``

    Our next stop will be between gorge of Benca and region of Kurvelesh in a strategic point from where we can see the famous canyons.

  • 3


    To reach Nivica we will pas the the villages of Lekdush, Progonat and Gusmar. From here we can see from the top the canyons and the waterfalls. Our next stop will be the obelisk of Gusmar. Builted in honour of the fallen heroes during the years 1910 – 1944

  • 4

    Village of Nivica

    After we have arrived to Nivica we will make a walk to the center and we will continue towards the ruins of the castle. She was builted on a strategic point over steep cliffs surrounded by abysses aprox. 300m depth. On this point the canyons of Nivice, Gusmar and Progonat meet each other and continue their way down towards Benca. The views from here are amaizing.

  • 5

    Into the canyons

    Now its time to hike… We will go downhill into a path that will lead us in the beginning of the canyons. Here we will create a better idea about the terrain and maybe if someone is brave enough maybe some swings on the crystal water would be good. The hiking program is aprox 1h 20min (30min down-hill and 45min up-hill). The difficulty is on average

  • 6

    Picnic in the nature

    After we will have a coffee break on Bujtina Mbi Kanion (the Guesthouse Over The Canyon) From there we will head towards the spring of Llufa and we will eat the lunch (picnic)

  • 7

    Returning is around 17:30

Tour Details

Type of tour: nature, history trekking hiking, adventure, 4×4 4WD, off road, culinary
Level of difficulty: the level of difficulty is low / moderate. The path, tools and driving guarantee a pleasant and safe ride.
Travel time: 10 hours
Experience: No previous experience required.
Instructions for Participants: Persons taking part in the journey should have a good health condition. People with allergies or other problems related to the visit / walk in kind will notify the organizers before the departure.
Minimum age: 12+ years

What should you take with you:

  • sportswear;
  • walking sneakers;
  • empty water container;
  • backpack;
  • sunscreen cream sunglasses and hats;
  • swimming clothes (optional);


  • 4WD car (max 3person/car)
  • Proffessional driver
  • Tour Guide
  • Traditional food tasting (in local guesthouses)
  • Lunch


  •  Private insurance
  • Any airport arrival/departure tax plane ticket
  • Everything that is not mentioned on the description



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