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Meet “Labova e Kryqit ” ia village of very perfectionist recent times for its values, traditions, culture and history.

Here we will have the opportunity to visit

🔴 1,500-year-old Church of the Birth of Saint Mary
🔴 The Church of Shen Dhimitri
🔴 Renovations of the 2500 year old Labove Castle (first category culture monument)
🔴 The history of Labova and its weight in the Byzantine Empire
🔴 Why is Labova of the Cross and what is the name history etc.?

Program (All Day)

We are very happy to present you with our program and to drive you through this adventure

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    Suhe Village

    At the end of the visits to Labin we will continue our route to Suhe village from where we will go to Selcke Gorge. Here we will take a short stopping to visit the “cataract” of the Suha River and the substructure built by the local residents.

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    Polican Village

    The first village where we will stop is the village of Poliçan here we will do the lunch break at a local restaurant.

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    Sheper, Nderan and Topove

    Once we have eaten the dreken we will continue the journey to the villages of Sheper, Nderan and Topove of the Zagori District.<br /> The Zagorski district is one of the mountainous regions, but also the most beautiful in the district of Gjirokastra and the Southern region. It has a largely autochthonous and ancient population. It has been declared a National Park in 2018 and is part of the list of 100 Albanian Tourist Villages.<br /> We will visit the famous Niva Bridge and continue our journey through the intriguing place called the “Cursed Shadow” and we will head to Mount Çajup Mountain, located opposite Gjirokastra. From here we will continue the tour to the city.

Tour info:

Type of tour: 4×4 4WD, off road, trekking hiking, adventure, culinary
Level of difficulty: the level of difficulty is low / moderate. The path, tools and driving guarantee a pleasant and safe ride.
Travel time: 10 hours
Experience: No previous experience required.
Instructions for Participants: Persons taking part in the journey should have a good health condition. People with allergies or other problems related to the visit / walk in kind will notify the organizers before the departure.
Minimum age: 12+ years

What should you take with you:
• sportswear;
• walking sneakers;
• Sun protection cream
• sunglasses and caps


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