Peshtura Waterfall Tour


  • Tepelena Town
  • Water Supply of Ali Pashe Tepelena
  • Benca Gorge
  • Nivica village

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    Tepelena Town

    Starting our tour from meeting point at 08.30 am in the morning to go towards Tepelena town. Tepelena is a small town, situated in the south part of Albania. It is only 31 km from Gjirokaster,732 meters under sea level. The first mentions about this town were during Byzantine period, evolved by Ottoman Empire. This town gained its importance when Ali Pasha took control and built his castle. Ali Pashe of Tepelena was born in Becisht, a village in Tepelena was grown here and became its ruler. Teplena was the way of many well-known people from different country in Europe such as Edward Lear (an English painter) or Lord Byron (a romantic poet and politician) who were impressed by the beauties of this town.

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    Benca Gorge

    To continue our tour to Benca village to enjoy the fresh nature and beautiful fields of it. It is thought that this village was inhabited by some Illyrian tribe. On our way we are going to see also an old Water Supply, too. It is situated in the northern part of the village. The aqueduct is built in the beginning of IX century in order of Ali Pasha Tepelena to supply with water his castle in the town. It has a bridge shape which consists by the channel for the water to pass through. The water channel is built with pebbles covered with concrete down held by 21 high columns. The aqueduct had a lot damages due to the earthquake which hit Tepelena during 1930s.

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    Peshtura waterfall, Progonat

    Once we have visited Benca village, we will pass through some other beautiful villages in this area like Lekdush and to stop in Progonat to explore Peshtura waterfall that is one of the touristic attractions in this place to see. The difficulty level is low. The waterfall is 25 meters high and down it has a natural bridge with stones which makes the waterfall to looks like it has 2 parts.

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    Nivica village

    At the end of the waterfall is set a canyon where you can spend some time for swimming. We continue our tour in another historic and beautiful village Nivica.It is set up in the highest point of a hill which residents of this area call the Hill of the Castle because in the center of Nivica we can find an accent castle. At the entrance of the castle in the south part, you will notice an old wall 6 meters long and 1.90 meters high, in west and the east direction the wall is connected with walls of late period such as late antiquity and ottoman period. In western part of the castle is a place called Plode, in this place is found a Bronx statue of Zeus Lightning Rods. The hill is surrounded by the canyons of Kurvelesh.

What should take with you:

  • Walking sneakers;
  • Sportswear;
  • Empty water container;
  • Sunscreen cream, sunglasses and hats;
  • Swimming clothes (optional);


  • The transport
  • Professional driver
  • Tourist Guide


  • Private insurance
  • Any airport arrival/departure tax plane ticket
  • Everything that is not mentioned on the description


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