The Ring of Tepelena

Starting from Gjirokastra towards Tepelena which has a lot of stories to tell us and a lot of treasures that hides. There are a number of castles, waterfalls and canyons to explore.

  • 1

    Castle of Ali Pashe of Tepelena

    Tepelena is a small town, located on the left side of Vjosa, the last wild river in Europe, offering breath-taking views along our tour. Tepelena is mentioned almost in every history book of Albania because of well-known people that are born here. One of them is Ali Pasha of Tepelena who was born in 1740 in one of the villages of this town.Ali became part of the Ottoman Empire where he gained the big title “Pasha”. He slowly gained power to create an independent state, included a large part of Greece and Albania, which during his rule these places were developed into a major educational, cultural, economic hub. His castle will be the first attraction to visit and to learn more about this powerful men. The castle is built in 1819 and was like his second resident.

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    Bence village

    Then we will go to explore another magnificent attraction also built by Ali Pashe of Tepelena. The water supply of Benca, which is situated nearby Benca River and had the function to supply with water his castle. The panoramic views combined with nature, ruins of an aqueduct, ancient cave and rare species birds will accompany us all along tour.

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    Progonat village

    Progonat village is our next destination where you can try some experiences. Peshtura waterfall is one of the touristic attractions in this place to see. The difficulty level is low. The waterfall is 25 meters high. At the end of the waterfall is a canyon where you can spend some time for swimming.

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    Nivice village

    After hiking tour, we go back to our cars and to continue straight to Gusmar village and then to Nivice. Just at the entrance of the village, it is difficult to choose what to see and visit. You will be amazed by the longest canyons, the waterfalls and the ancient ruins of a castle that is set up on the top of the hill. Nivica is the largest village well-known for the traditional food like homemade bread, the typical Petanik and more typical traditional dishes.

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    Selam Musa museum

    While we are enjoying the view of the highest point of Kendervica mountain we will go down to the village of Salari, which is our last place to visit. Besides the wonderful nature, in the center of the village we will find the museum of Selam Musa, another important person born here. He was member of the National Defense Committee. This two floor museum is built in his honor in 1970 as a typical house of the area.The reason for building this museum was to represent “The War Of Vlora” but in the same time the unique value of the customs for the whole area called “Laberia”

What should take with you:

  • Walking sneakers;
  • Sportswear;
  • Empty water container;
  • Sunscreen cream, sunglasses and hats;
  • Swimming clothes (optional);


  • The transport;
  • Professional driver;
  • Tourist Guide;


  • Private insurance;
  • Any airport arrival/departure tax plane ticket;
  • Everything that is not mentioned on the description;


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