Tour of Roses

We decided to call this tour “The Tour of Roses” like many people know and call this town. Permet is called the City of Roses due to the flower that grows everywhere in this area. The tour will start from Gjirokastra to Permet. While you enjoying spectacular views all along the tour, we will pass through two big bridges, the first is The Bridge of Lekel that is built in 1928.Luckly, the bridge has resisted the time even the bloodiest war Italo-Greek took place here in this place. And the second one is The Bridge of Dragot which is designed and built by Italian engineering students in 1936.This is the only bridge that connects Permet and the southeast of Albania with the rest part of the country.BELOW YOU WILL FIND ALL THE TOUR DESCRIPTION.ENJOY!

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    After 1 hour travelling, we will be in the town . We will walk around exploring the City of Roses and then we will go up to the Rock of city which is set up in the center of the town. According to the geologist the big Rock was detached from Dhembel mount after an earthquake but a legend that has passed generation and generation tells us another story about the Rock and the town which you will learn there from the local guide. The Rock is 42 meter high and has an area of 650 square meters.

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    We leave the center to go to the one of the most important churches in Albania,located in Leusa village, St Mary’s church. Leusa lies down Dhembeli mountIt is a well-preserved church which is built in 18th century. There are still original frescos, icons and golden brass

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    We go towards Benja village, that is only 20 minutes far from Permet. First, we will visit the church of the village which dates since 1789.It is a cultural monument of the first category for its unique values that has. The entry of the church is in the west part and the narthex has two floors, this kind of building reflect the characteristic division between men and women. The first floor was for men and the second one was for women. Outside the church is the portico where you will have an amazing view of Benja. Then, we walk around the village for a bit to arrive in a traditional house and to try the famous Gliko (a typical dessert with different fruits) and of course the most important drink in Permet, Raki.

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    And now relaxing time. Natural thermal waters of Benja are the next attraction that you will visit and enjoy. There are six water sources created by geothermal waters. Every source has its benefits for health and this place is highly recommended by doctors. According to them, they treat some diseases such as rheumatism, stomach or skin diseases, too. To not forget also the magic mug for the skin. While you swim, you will enjoy the wonderful view around of an ottoman bridge, where underneath flows the Lengarica canyon.

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    After this impressive experience we will go to taste the best local cheese of the area in Meshini Dairy. You will see bunkers of the communist system everywhere here in Albania and also you will notice that some of them are transformed.People have turned into shops, restaurants even like storages but here in this place Meshini family has transformed this as a dairy to keep the cheese that they produce.


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